Map Creation Tutorial

0- Installation

The Map Editor already comes with the Quest Creator.

If you want to create maps without the Quest Creator, download this standalone Map Creator.

Extract and follow the instruction in the README.

1- Create General Shape (layer wall0)

Make sure the grid is set as visible in Tiled. (Ctrl-G)

You can change size via Map -> Resize Map.

Recommended quest map size: 50x50 up to 80x80. Overworld maps must be 80x80.

2- Add Shape Decoration (layer wall1)

Place stairs on that layer as well.

3- Add General Ground (layer ground0)

Grounds with different height must be different.

Grounds with same height must be the same.

4- Add Paths and Water (layer ground1)

5- Add Non-Walkable Decoration (layer deco1)

Make sure non-walkable decorations will not get in the way during battle.

6- Add Walkable Decoration (layer deco0)