Contributing to Raining Chain

You love Raining Chain and you would like to be part of its development? Great! Raining Chain is always looking for enthusiastic players to improve the game. Any help is greatly appreciated.

By contributing to the project, you will get Contribution Points which can be spent to unlock awesome cosmetic rewards.

Rewards Preview

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Balance: {{cp}} CP
Cumul. Creative: {{cumulativeCp}} CP
Must be in-game
to purchase rewards.
Contribution Points

CP are given to players who contribute to the game. Use CP to buy cosmetic rewards.

Earn CP by:

Hi. I'm Samuel (known as rc in-game) and I've been developing Raining Chain for 3 years now.

My goal is to make the game as good as possible.

If you like Raining Chain and you want to help its development, feel free to donate. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

You can donate via Paypal by clicking here.

Make sure to include your username in the note.

Bonus! Receive 100 CP per dollar donated.

Note: It can take some time before receiving them as I'm manually giving them. Those CP do not count as Creative CP used to unlock Chat Symbol.

Chat Symbol

Unlocked with Cumulative Creative CP.

Note: CP obtained by donating money do not count towards Cumulative Creative CP.

Chat Color
The text is {{}}!
Broadcast Achievements

Send message to every player upon levelling up or completing a quest.

Current Stock: {{broadcastAccomplishmentCount}}.

Custom Bullets
Equip Reskin
Change the appearance of your currently equipped helm or body equipment.

Cost depends on player level.
Transformation Potion
Transform your character for 1 minute or another player until he/she changes appearance. Refills once every hour.
Pet Reskin
You don't own a pet yet.
New appearance:

New name:

How to Contribute

Quest Creation

Submit your own quest created with the easy-to-use Quest Creator software.
The Quest Creator contains all the tools needed to create and test quests for Raining Chain.

Map Creation

Create new maps for Raining Chain using the Map Creator software.
Check Art Bounties for the list of wanted maps.


Join the forum community and earn Contribution Points for every post you make.

Art Bounties

Raining Chain is always in need of new nice sprites creation (pixel art), sound effects, animations, icons and more.
The list of art jobs can be found on .



Leave constructive feedback after completing a quest and report bugs if you find one.