This is the list of the abilities players can unlock by completing quests.

Ability Description
StrikeMelee Attack500Regular Melee Strike
Basic BulletRange Attack100 * 3Very fast arrow shooting.
Arcane BulletArcane Attack300Powerful magic spell with increased chance to drain mana.
Fire BallFire Attack400Shoot a single fireball that explodes upon hit.
Ice ShardsCold Attack300 * 2Shoot multiple ice shards.
Lightning BulletLightning Attack125Shoot piercing lightning balls at the speed of light.
Bleeding BlowMelee Attack700Powerful Melee Strike with increased bleed chance. Cost life.
WindRange Attack200 * 3Defensive wind that pushes enemies away.
Arcane ExplosionArcane Attack1200Explosive spell that can leech life.
Fireball BoomFire Attack150 * 7Shoot multiple fireballs.
Freeze BulletCold Attack200 * 5Defensive spell that feezes enemies.
Light ExplosionLightning Attack400Explodes in all directions, piercing through enemies.
HealHeal-Replenish resources.
Fast RegenHeal-Faster but less powerful healing.
Expensive RegenHeal-Mana-expensive but great healing.
Slow Cast RegenHeal-Slow to cast but free healing.
BoomerangRange Attack300Shoot a boomerang that comes back that you.
Parabole ShotRange Attack125 * 4Shoot 4 parabolic arrows.
Piercing ArrowsRange Attack125Shoot fast piercing arrows.
Cold ExplosionCold Attack550Create a powerful explosion of ice.
Light WaveLightning Attack180 * 2Shoot 2 waves of light.
Fire ExplosionFire Attack300Explodes in all directions, piercing through enemies.
Chilling StrikeMelee Attack300A strike with high chance of chilling and pushing back enemies.
WhirlwindMelee Attack200Deadly sword whirlwind that generates lightning balls.
Fire StrikeMelee Attack300A strike with high chance of burning and bleeding enemies.