Unique Bonuses

Rare equipment may grant those bonuses.

Cold EqualitySapphire AmuletYour cold damage becomes equal to your cold defence.
BalancedTopaz AmuletYour defence and damage are averaged.
ChainRuby AmuletAll your defence stats become equal to your lowest defence stat multiplied by 1.25.
UnstunableTopaz RingCannot be stunned.
Cold SuperioritySapphire RingIf cold defence is your worse defence stat, then it becomes equal to your highest defence stat.
Just BurningRuby Ringx2 more chance to burn enemies. Cannot trigger other status effect.
No HelmBone BodyIf not wearing helm, x1.5 hp and x1.25 mana.
Special MetalMetal BodyHalf melee defence bonus is also applied on range and magic defences.
MedianeWood BodyDefence stats become equal to the mediane of defence stats.
Melee #1Metal HelmIf your melee defence is greater than your range and magic defences combined, then your range and magic defences are multiplied by 2.
Range WeaponWood HelmIf using a range weapon, x1.25 range defence.
Mind Over MatterBone Helmx1.5 more mana regen. No more life regen.
Crit-maniaBoomerang33% chance to crit. Attack speed is capped at x1.
Status-maniaOrbx2 more chance to afflict status. Status afflicted to you are x2 stronger.
No RandomBowCannot land critical hits. x1.25 attack speed.
Life To ManaStaff25% more mana regen. 25% less life.
RiskyMacex3 more hp regen. Can only used Healing spell if at less than 10% hp.
Leech KingWandAlways leech life. Cannot use Healing Spell.
Life For SpeedCrossbowAttack x1.25 faster. Every attack costs 25 Hp.
Long RangeSpearYou can hit enemies far away from you with melee.
Leech BleedSword100% chance to leech life when you afflict bleeding to an enemy.

Regular Stats

This is the list of character stats. They can be increased via equipment bonuses and the Reputation Grid.

Max SpeedMovement Speed.8
Regen LifeLife Regeneration per frame.1
Regen ManaMana Regeneration per frame.0.4
Max LifeMaximum Life Points.1000
Max ManaMaximum Mana Points.100
Leech Life Magn.Affect %Life recovered if the Life Leech is successful. Leech is not affected by damage dealt.0.01
Leech Life ChanceAffect Chance to Life Leech when hitting an enemy.0
Pick RadiusMaximum distance that you can still pick items on the ground.250
Atk SpeedAffect how fast you can use abilities.1
Crit ChanceAffect chance to do a Critical Hit.0.05
Crit MagnAffect Additional Damage when doing a Critical Hit.1.5
Proj. AmountShoot x times additional bullets. If amount is not whole, it is rounded up or down randomly.1
Proj. SpdAffect speed at which your bullet travels.1
Strike RangeAffect the minimum and maximum distance where you can strike.1
AoE SizeAffect the width and height of your strike.1
Burn TimeAffect Burn Duration.100
Burn MagnAffect damage dealt to a burnt enemy.0.005
Burn ChanceAffect chance to burn enemy.1
Chill TimeAffect Chill Duration.50
Chill MagnAffect how much speed and attack speed with be reduced.2
Chill ChanceAffect chance to chill enemy.1
Stun TimeAffect Stun Duration.10
Stun MagnAffect how reduced the sight of view of stund enemy is.2
Stun ChanceAffect chance to stun enemy.1
Bleed TimeAffect Bleed Duration.25
Bleed MagnAffect damage dealt by bleeding enemy.4
Bleed ChanceAffect chance to bleed enemy.1
Drain MagnAffect how much mana is drained from enemy.25
Drain ChanceAffect chance to steal mana from enemy.1
Knock TimeAffect how long the enemy will be pushed back.15
Knock MagnAffect how far away the enemy will be pushed.10
Knock ChanceAffect chance to push enemy with your attack.1
Melee DefReduce Melee Damage Taken0
Range DefReduce Range Damage Taken0
Arcane DefReduce Arcane Damage Taken0
Fire DefReduce Fire Damage Taken0
Cold DefReduce Cold Damage Taken0
Lightning DefReduce Lightning Damage Taken0
Melee DmgIncrease Melee Damage Dealt0
Range DmgIncrease Range Damage Dealt0
Arcane DmgIncrease Arcane Damage Dealt0
Fire DmgIncrease Fire Damage Dealt0
Cold DmgIncrease Cold Damage Dealt0
Lightning DmgIncrease Lightning Damage Dealt0
Dmg MaceIncrease Damage Dealt with Mace0
Dmg SpearIncrease Damage Dealt with Spear0
Dmg SwordIncrease Damage Dealt with Sword0
Dmg BowIncrease Damage Dealt with Bow0
Dmg BoomerangIncrease Damage Dealt with Boomerang0
Dmg CrossbowIncrease Damage Dealt with Crossbow0
Dmg WandIncrease Damage Dealt with Wand0
Dmg StaffIncrease Damage Dealt with Staff0
Dmg OrbIncrease Damage Dealt with Orb0