Zelda Glitch Database

Zelda Glitch Database

Compilation of glitches for speedrunning Zelda A Link to the Past with Tutorial Video Guides. Made by RacingChu aka RainingChain.

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Latest Glitch Submissions

AnywhereHammer Dash
AnywherePush and Delete Block
AnywherePush and Hookshot Block
AnywhereQuicker Bird Ocarina
AnywhereSpeed Boost with Stair
Death MountainFall to nearby mountain after HP
Death MountainQuick Stair Climb with Bomb
Desert PalaceQuick Boss
Desert PalaceQuick Key Grab
Eastern PalaceQuick Big Key
Eastern PalaceQuick Boss
Eastern PalaceQuick Stalfos Room
Ganon's TowerDash Boost over Eter Bridge
Ganon's TowerQuick Agahnim
Ganon's TowerQuick Hookshot Room
Ganon's TowerQuickly Enter Cracked Wall
HyruleExploration Glitch From Cave
HyruleExploration Glitch From Link House
HyruleFake Flippers
HyruleJump over hole for Cape HP
HyruleQuick 15-Sec Game
HyruleSuper Bomb Fast Travel
Hyrule CastleClip thru Wall
Hyrule CastleQuick Agahnim
Hyrule CastleQuick Ball and Chain Trooper
Ice PalaceQuick Boss
Ice PalaceSkip Switch Flip
Lake HyliaQuick Island HP
Misery MireCane of Somera No Hookshot
Misery MireEnter Without Hookshot
Misery MireQuick Boss
Misery MireQuick Torches Lighting
Palace of DarknessHammeryump
Palace of DarknessQuick Boss
PyramidQuick Ganon
Skull PalaceBomb Boost to Big Chest
Skull PalaceLure Mummies First Room
Skull PalaceQuick Boss
Swamp PalaceQuick Boss
Thieves' TownQuick Boss
Tower of HeraBomb Boost to Moon Pearl
Tower of HeraQuick Boss
Tower of HeraRaise Blue in Tile ROom
Tower of HeraRun thru Bumper
Turtle RockPass thru Rolling Spikes
Turtle RockQuick Boss
Turtle RockQuick Switch Room
Turtle RockQuick Torch Lighting