Zelda Glitch Database

Zelda Glitch Database

Compilation of glitches for speedrunning Zelda Maroja's Mask with Tutorial Video Guides. Made by RacingChu aka RainingChain.

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Latest Glitch Submissions

Clock TownBuy Items Cheaper
Clock TownCuriosity Shop Early
Clock TownEnter Backroom Early
Clock TownGainer to Clock
Clock TownGainer to Silver Rupee
Clock TownGlitch Deku Game Day 2
Clock TownHidden Owl Statue
Clock TownHidden Owl Statue v2
Clock TownHover to Clock
Clock TownLeave Stock Pot Inn
Clock TownQuick Bomber Notebook
Clock TownQuick Couple Game Day 1
Clock TownQuick Deku Game Day 1
Clock TownQuick Deku Game Day 3
Clock TownQuick Fairy as Goron
Clock TownShop Dupe Bottle
Clock TownSkip Guard as Deku Scrub
Clock TownSkip Salesman CS
Clock TownTalk with Kafei thru Wall
Deku PalaceDeku Shrine via Clip
Deku PalaceHover to Monkey from Entrance
Deku PalaceHover to Monkey from Grotto
Deku PalaceSkip Guards Hover
Deku ShrineSkip Fire Gate
Great BayBottle Dupe
Great BayDamage Boost to Cliff HP
Great BayEarly GB Fairy
Great BayEasy Island Jump Game
Great BayGreat Bay Early as Goron
Great BayIsland Jump Game Early
Great BaySkip NWBN CS
Great BayZora Mask CS Skip
Great Bay TempleBoss Key Early Damage Boost
Great Bay TempleBoss Key Early with IA
Great Bay TempleClimb the Waterfall Without Ice Arrows
Great Bay TempleDecent First Green Room
Great Bay TempleFirst Green Room with Damage Boost
Great Bay TempleGet to First Green Room
Great Bay TempleGet to Second Green Room
Great Bay TempleQuick First Green Room
Great Bay TempleQuick Gekko
Great Bay TempleQuick Gyorg
Great Bay TempleQuick Wart Kill
Great Bay TempleSecond Green Room Without Ice Arrows
Great Bay TempleSecond Room Bottom Fairy
Great Bay TempleSkip Boss Green Pump
Great Bay TempleSkip Entrance Yellow Pump
Great Bay TempleSkip Gyorg Intro CS
Great Bay TempleWarp to Boss from Entrance
Great Bay TempleWaterfall Room Jumpslash to Roof
Ikana CanyonEarly Sakon Hideout
Ikana CanyonEnter Music Box House Early
Ikana CanyonHover to Deed HP
Ikana CanyonMusic Box House Early v2
Ikana CastleGainer and Hover to Roof
Ikana CastleQuick Igos du Ikana
Ikana GraveyardDamage Boosts inside Grave
Ikana GraveyardEnter Dampe Door
Ikana GraveyardEnter Grave without Mask
Ikana GraveyardKeeta Skip
Ikana GraveyardKeeta Skip v2
Ikana GraveyardQuick Big Poe Fight
Ikana GraveyardQuick Dampe Rupee
Ikana GraveyardQuick Iron Knuckle
Milk RoadAccess Romani Ranch without Keg
Milk RoadRanch Early with Zora
Milk RoadStart Horse Race Quick
MoonHover from Odolwa HP to Exit
MoonHover to Goht HP
MoonQuick Majora
Mountain VillageBring Meat Fast
Mountain VillageGold Dust Dupe Money
Mountain VillageHeadstart Goron Race
Mountain VillageHover to Deed HP
Mountain VillageQuick Goron Meat
Mountain VillageQuick Old Goron Unfreeze
Mountain VillageSS to Baby
Mysterious WoodsSS in Woods
Oceanside Spider HouseQuick First Room
Oceanside Spider HouseRoof GS
Pirate CoveDamage Boost for Beehive
Pirate CoveHover to Other Side
Pirate CoveJump to Next Platform
Pirate CoveJumpslash to Entrance
Pirate CovePast Guards
Pirate CovePast Guards 2
Romani RanchClip Out of Bound
Romani RanchDupe Bottle With Fairy
Romani RanchQuick Cuccos March
Sakon HideoutEnter Sakon Hideout Quick
Sakon HideoutSkip Sakon Hideout
SnowheadFairy to Temple with Wind
Snowhead TempleBK Skip
Snowhead TempleBlue Warp CS Skip
Snowhead TempleBoss Key Early
Snowhead TempleChu Roll to Bridge Room Fairy
Snowhead TempleDamage Boost to Other Side
Snowhead TempleEntrance Fairy w/ Bomb
Snowhead TempleGoron Pillar Fairy With Chu
Snowhead TempleHigh Alcove Fairy Without Platforms
Snowhead TempleHookshot 3rd Floor
Snowhead TempleHookshot 4th Floor
Snowhead TempleHookshot Chest Iceshard Room
Snowhead TempleHookshot Chest Wolf Room
Snowhead TempleHover to 5th Floor
Snowhead TempleHover to Boss Door
Snowhead TempleIce Stalactite Room With Chu
Snowhead TempleIce Stalactite Room Without Bow
Snowhead TempleJump to Snowball Path
Snowhead TempleLast Alcove Fairy with Bomb
Snowhead TemplePass Bridge
Snowhead TemplePillar Room with Damage Boost
Snowhead TempleQuick Access to Freehard Room
Snowhead TempleQuick Goht
Snowhead TempleQuick Main Room Fairy Alcove
Snowhead TempleRecoil to Snowball Chamber
Snowhead TempleRecoil to Switch in Ice
Snowhead TempleRecoil to Switch in Ice v2
Snowhead TempleSecond Floor Early
Snowhead TempleShoot Arrow with Stick
Snowhead TempleSkip Entrance Block
Snowhead TempleSong Storage
Southern SwampGet to Big Flower
Southern SwampOcto Skip as Goron
Southern SwampOcto Skip with Bomb
Southern SwampReverse Octo Skip
Southern SwampSwamp Deed HP as Goron
Southern SwampTalk to Witch from Afar
Stone TowerOwl Statue to Ikana Canyon Quickly
Stone Tower TempleActivate Sun in Water
Stone Tower TempleActivate Switch after Garo Master
Stone Tower TempleBK Skip Eyegore
Stone Tower TempleBlue Warp CS Skip
Stone Tower TempleBoss Key Skip via Chest
Stone Tower TempleClip East Sun Block
Stone Tower TempleClip from Elegy Room to Armors Room
Stone Tower TempleEnter Stone Tower No Song
Stone Tower TempleGaro Master with Chu
Stone Tower TempleOpen Flame Chest
Stone Tower TempleOpen Flame Chest 2
Stone Tower TempleQuick Beamos Fairy
Stone Tower TempleQuick Eyegore
Stone Tower TempleQuick Flip Temple Weirdshot
Stone Tower TempleQuick Garo Master
Stone Tower TempleQuick Garo Master with IA
Stone Tower TempleQuick Twinmold
Stone Tower TempleQuick Twinmold as Giant
Stone Tower TempleQuick Wind Fairy
Stone Tower TempleReach Platorm with Bomb & Wind
Stone Tower TempleReach West Side Early
Stone Tower TempleRecoil from Switch to Eyegore
Stone Tower TempleSkip & Clip Armors Sun Block
Stone Tower TempleSong Storage
Stone Tower TempleTop Chest Fairy Inverted
Stone Tower TempleWeirdshot to Flame Chest
Stone Tower TempleWeirdshot to Skip Sun Block
TerminaAccess Observatory from Termina
TerminaDeath Warp in Water HP
TerminaQuick Horse Archery
TerminaTree Skull Kid CS Skip
TerminaWW Grotto to Deku Palace
TerminaWW Grotto to Deku Palace v2
WoodfallFairy Warp from WF to Snowhead
WoodfallQuick Swamp HP Chest
WoodfallTemple CS Skip
Woodfall TempleBK Skip
Woodfall TempleBlue Warp CS Skip
Woodfall TempleDamage Boost to Torch & Switch
Woodfall TempleHookshot First Room
Woodfall TempleHookshot to Boss Door
Woodfall TempleHookshot to Switch
Woodfall TempleHover to Gekko Room
Woodfall TempleHover to Switch
Woodfall TempleQuick Below Bridge Fairy
Woodfall TempleQuick Boss Key
Woodfall TempleQuick Gekko Fight
Woodfall TempleQuick Odolwa
Woodfall TempleRecoil To Chest
Woodfall TempleRecoil from 3rd Floor to 2nd
Zora CapeTurtle Intro CS Skip
Zora CapeTurtle Leaving CS Skip
Zora HallEarly Deed HP
Zora HallSkip Going to GB CS via Song