Zelda Glitch Database

Zelda Glitch Database

Compilation of glitches for speedrunning Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D for 3DS with Tutorial Video Guides. Made by RacingChu aka RainingChain.

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Latest Glitch Submissions

AnywhereBottle Duplication w/ Backflip
AnywhereBottle Duplication w/ ESS
AnywhereCreate NG+ File
AnywhereEquipping the No Mask Item
AnywhereFW Damage Buffering
AnywhereOcarina Items via Explostion Limit
AnywhereOcarina Items w/ Bombs
AnywhereOcarina Items w/ Bottle
AnywhereRestricted Items Glitch
Bottom of the WellBotW Early w/ TSC
Bottom of the WellQuick Coffin Key w/ Boomerang
Bottom of the WellQuick Dead Hand
Death Mountain TrailDrop Bombflower and Backflip
Death Mountain TrailFESS from Tektite
Death Mountain TrailHP w/o Bean
Death Mountain TrailTimer Overwrite for BGS
Death Moutain CraterBolero CS Skip
Death Moutain CraterDouble Magic Early as Child
Death Moutain CraterQuick Alcove HP
Death Moutain CraterRock HP w/ Hoverboots
Deku Tree231 Skip as Adult
Deku TreeB1 Skip w/ Bomb
Deku TreeB1 Skip w/ Deku Baba
Deku TreeDeku as Adult
Deku TreeHookshot Jump to Top
Deku TreeQuick Gohma
Deku TreeSkip Navi Vine Text
Deku TreeWW to Silver Gauntlets
Desert ColossusHP w/o Bean
Dodongo's CavernFlame Circle w/o Slingshot
Dodongo's CavernHammerslide to Next Bridge
Dodongo's CavernHookshot Jump to Bomb
Dodongo's CavernQuick Climb on Armos
Dodongo's CavernQuick King Dodongo
Dodongo's CavernQuick Lizalfos
Dodongo's CavernQuick Red Eyes
Dodongo's CavernRevive Jump to Switch
Dodongo's CavernSkip Pushing Block
Dodongo's CavernWW To Silver Gauntlets
Dodongo's CavernWW to Credits
Dodongo's CavernWW to Credits FW on B
Fire TempleBK Skip Hookshot Jump
Fire TempleBlock Jump from Crystal
Fire TempleBomb Jump on Block
Fire TempleBoulder MAze Hookshot Clip GS
Fire TempleBoulder Maze Skip w/ Ledge Clip
Fire TempleBoulder Maze Skip w/ TSC
Fire TempleEarly BK GS w/ Ledge Clip
Fire TempleEarly BK w/ Hookshot Clip
Fire TempleEarly GS w/ TSC
Fire TempleFire Temple as Child
Fire TempleHookshot Clip SoT Goron to Key
Fire TempleJump SoT GS
Fire TempleLedge Clip to Boss from SoT Block
Fire TempleMegaflip to Fairy Side
Fire TemplePass thru Flame Wall
Fire TempleQuick Dancer Platform
Fire TempleQuick Volvagia
Fire TempleSS to Switch in Flame Room
Fire TempleScarecrow Skip
Fire TempleSmall Key Skip w/ Hookshot Jump
Fire TempleSmall Key Skip w/ Hoverboost
Fire TempleSoT Block GS as Child
Fire TempleTSC BK Skip
Fire TempleWW to Credits
Forest TempleBK Skip as Child
Forest TempleBK Skip w/ Ledge Grab
Forest TempleBK Skip w/ Ledge Grab v2
Forest TempleBK Skip w/ TSC
Forest TempleBackflip Downstairs
Forest TempleBasement Early
Forest TempleBlock Skip w/ Ground Jump
Forest TempleBlue Warp CS Skip
Forest TempleHookshot Jump to 1st Key
Forest TempleHookshot Jump to 2nd Floor
Forest TempleLedge Clip SoT Block
Forest TempleQuick Block Puzzle
Forest TempleQuick Phantom Ganon
Forest TempleSkip Navi Text
Forest TempleWW To Forest from DMT
Ganon's CastleClip Red Ice
Ganon's CastleFire Trial FESS
Ganon's CastleGanon's Castle Early
Ganon's CastleHookshot Clip in Spirit Trial
Ganon's CastleKeep Master Sword
Ganon's CastleQuick Fire Room
Ganon's CastleQuick Forest Rupee
Ganon's CastleQuick Ganon
Ganon's CastleQuick Light Rupee
Ganon's CastleShadow Room w/o Fire Arrow
Ganon's CastleSkip Ice Puzzle
Ganon's CastleTrials Skip w/ Armos Clip
Ganon's CastleTrials Skip w/ Backwards Hookshot Jump
Ganon's CastleTrials Skip w/ Entrance Point Glitch
Ganon's CastleTrials Skip w/ Freezard Clip
Ganon's CastleTrials Skip w/ Hammerslide
Ganon's CastleTrials Skip w/ Hover Boost
Ganon's CastleTrials Skip w/ Megaflip
Ganon's CastleTrials Skip w/ Megaflip & Damage Boost
Gerudo Fortress37th HP
Gerudo FortressGF as Child w/ Cucco
Gerudo FortressGF as Child w/ Megaflip
Gerudo FortressGate Skip as Child via Unload
Gerudo FortressGate Skip as Child w/ Megaflip
Gerudo FortressGate Skip w/ Hookshot Jump from Flag
Gerudo FortressGate Skip w/ Hookshot Jump from Jail
Gerudo FortressJump to Top Fortress
Gerudo Training GroundsGTG as Child
Gerudo Training GroundsHookshot Clip
Gerudo Training GroundsIce Arrow as Child
Goron CityQuick GS
Goron CityQuick Red Tunic
Goron CityQuick Statue Pulling
HyruleFast Guards
HyruleQuicker Malon
Hyrule MarketDoT Skip w/ Death Hole WW
Hyrule MarketDoT Skip w/ FW WW
Hyrule MarketPrelude CS Skip
Hyrule MarketQuick Bombchu Alley
Hyrule MarketQuick Dog HP
Ice CavernBlue Fire Skip
Ice CavernHookshot Clip First Fence
Ice CavernQuick Rupee Room w/ Jumps
Ice CavernSenerade of Water CS Skip
Ice CavernSkip Last Red Ice
Ice CavernSkip Spin Red Ice via Megaflip
Ice CavernSkip Spin Room via TSC
Ice CavernSkip Spinner Red Ice w/ Hoverboots
Jabu-Jabu's Belly39th HP
Jabu-Jabu's BellyBig Octo Skip
Jabu-Jabu's BellyBlue Switch w/o Ruto
Jabu-Jabu's BellyBoomerang Switch Top
Jabu-Jabu's BellyJabu w/ Clip
Jabu-Jabu's BellyMegaflip to Switch
Jabu-Jabu's BellyQuick Barinade
Jabu-Jabu's BellyQuick Boomerang Room
Kakariko Village38th HP
Kakariko VillageClip to Shop
Kakariko VillageDampe Infinite HP
Kakariko VillageEnter Archery at Night w/ BGS
Kakariko VillageGraveyard Box HP w/ Boomerang
Kakariko VillageQuick Cuccos
Kakariko VillageQuick Grave Opening
Kakariko VillageQuick Potion Shop from DMT
Kakariko VillageVoid Out After Dampe Race
Kokiri ForestEscape w/ Walk While Reading
Kokiri ForestForest Escape w/ NG+ Hammer Crouch Stab
Kokiri ForestForest Escape w/ Triple Slash
Lake HyliaHouse GS w/o Boomerang
Lake HyliaPool HP w/o Scale
Lake HyliaQuick Big Fish
Lake HyliaQuick Fish w/ Ironboots
Lake HyliaQuick House HP
Lon Lon RanchClip HP Box
Lon Lon RanchSteal Epona
Lost WoodsBean GS w/ Hookshot
Lost WoodsForest Escape w/ Jump Slash
Lost WoodsTriple Slash Dive
Sacred Forest MeadowMaze Skip w/ Ground Jump
Sacred Forest MeadowMaze Skip w/ Jump
Sacred Forest MeadowMinuet CS SKip from Forest
Sacred Forest MeadowMinuet CS Skip from SFM
Shadow TempleBK w/o Din's Fire
Shadow TempleBackflip on Spike Trap
Shadow TempleBlue Warp CS Skip
Shadow TempleBoat GS as Child
Shadow TempleClip Corner to Main Room
Shadow TempleClip to Boat w/ Bomb
Shadow TempleCross Gap w/ Hammerslide
Shadow TempleCross Gap w/ Hoverboost
Shadow TempleCross Gap w/ Hoverflip
Shadow TempleCross Gap w/ Hoverslide
Shadow TempleCross Gap w/ Megajump
Shadow TempleEarly Like-Like GS
Shadow TempleHookshot Clip to Boat
Shadow TempleMegaflip Entrance Gap
Shadow TemplePrevent Stalfos Spawn
Shadow TempleQuick Bongo Bongo
Shadow TempleQuick Dead Hand
Shadow TempleShadow Early w/ FW WW
Shadow TempleShadow Early w/ Hookshot Jump
Shadow TempleShadow Early w/ ISG
Shadow TempleShadow Early w/ WW from Market
Shadow TempleSkip Silver Rupee #1
Shadow TempleSkip Silver Rupee #2
Spirit TempleBK Skip
Spirit TempleBK Skip v2
Spirit TempleBlue Warp CS Skip
Spirit TempleEarly Mirror Shield
Spirit TempleGS Child Section as Adult
Spirit TempleGo Main Room from Top
Spirit TempleHover from Gauntlets to Mirror Shield
Spirit TempleQuick Iron Knuckle Fight
Spirit TempleQuick Nabooru Knuckle
Spirit TempleQuick Twinrova
Spirit TempleQuick Wall Climb
Spirit TempleSilver Block Skip
Water TempleBK GS as Child
Water TempleBlue Warp CS Skip
Water TempleCross Gap to Boss w/o Longshot
Water TempleGo BK w/ Hoverboots
Water TempleHammerslide to Waterfall Room
Water TempleHookshot Clip to Block Key
Water TempleHookshot Clip to Cracked Key
Water TempleHookshot Clip to Dragon Key
Water TempleHookshot Jump to Ruto
Water TempleHookshot Jump to Waterfall Room
Water TempleQuick Dark Link w/ BGS
Water TempleSoT Block Skip
Water TempleSpell Dive to Ruto
Water TempleWW to Collapse Escape
Water TempleWW to Morphas from DMC
Water TempleWater Temple w/o Iron Boots
Zora's DomainClip Frozen King Zora
Zora's DomainClip to Hylia as Adult
Zora's DomainGo Hylia via Pillar Clip as Child
Zora's DomainGo Hylia via Unloaded Lower ZD
Zora's DomainKing Zora Skip w/ Death Hole WW
Zora's DomainKing Zora Skip w/ Grunz Clip
Zora's DomainKing Zora Skip w/ Ledge Clip as Adult
Zora's DomainKing Zora Skip w/ Triple Slash
Zora's DomainKing Zora Skip w/ Weird-Slide
Zora's FountainHookshot Jump Ladder to GS
Zora's FountainMegaflip to Ice HP
Zora's FountainSilver Rock Skip
Zora's RiverBridge GS w/o Longshot
Zora's RiverEarly ZD w/ Hookshot Jump
Zora's RiverGo LW w/ Ledge Clip
Zora's RiverPillar HP w/ Boomerang